With roots dating back to 1912, Judson Mill is an essential part of Greenville’s history, soul, and character


Once the largest textile mill in Greenville County,

Judson Mill was more than a workplace, it was a thriving community of friends and neighbors, families and children, hardworking, resilient people who defined their generation and a way of life.

Athletes from the Judson Mill’s women’s basketball team.


Judson Mill is part of the Mill Crescent — a collection of old textile mills along the western border of the city of Greenville.

Originally called the Westervelt Mill, after J. Irving Westervelt, one of the mill founders, the mill was renamed Judson, after Charles Judson, a professor at Furman University. The Judson Mill opened in March 1912 and like most Greenville mills, produced textiles. The history of the mill is marked by a deep sense of community and pride. Mill workers both lived and worked in the community, with everything they needed nearby, like gardens, schools, and even a street car stop. Neighbors knew one another and had the opportunity to develop lasting friendships through mill-sponsored sports team, garden clubs, and a local radio station.

In 1933, Deering-Milliken took over operation, and eventually ownership, of the Judson property. As the textile industry advanced during and after World War II, Deering-Milliken made a series of additions and alterations to the mill complex that allowed the company to innovate. As one of many Deering-Milliken operations, the company expanded the floorplate devoted to research and manufacturing at Judson by tying together many of the distinctive buildings that originally comprised the complex.


A vision to flourish

Together with current residents, community partners, stakeholders, and development team, we’re bringing our vision for Judson Mill to life. To honor and preserve the soul, spirit, and features that made the community so beloved – and reimaging it for 2018 and beyond.

To us, that means providing affordable places to live, work, and play, accessibility by foot, bicycle and mass transit, opportunities to enjoy green spaces and recreation — and best of all, connect with a diverse mix of neighbors, entrepreneurs, families, and businesses.

Urban Renewal

Time to thrive

Breathing new life into Judson Mill is more than exciting and a point of pride for its surrounding community, it’s also a sustainable approach to building community — putting existing assets and structures to work, for the good of the community and region.

Green spaces for gathering, relaxing, and connecting.

Greenville, NC

The Mill

Honoring the past,
building the future

Designed for both the community that built it — and a new generation of makers and innovators with stories to tell and memories to forge, Judson Mill includes architectural details like 100-year old masonry, oversized windows, and original timber beams pay homage to the community’s rich history and character — and inspire the passion and pride in its next, rich chapter.